How Leaders Can Thrive in a Hybrid Work Environment

How Leaders Can Thrive in a Hybrid Work Environment

Our CEO, Dr Dan Harrison was recently asked his thoughts in an article by William Arruda published in Forbes. Titled "How Leaders can thrive in a Hybrid Work Environment" it explores how leaders can use an opportunistic mindset to optimise the benefits of different aspects of working in a physical office and working remotely. You can read the original article in Forbes here.

At Harrison Assessments we've been working remotely for over a decade. With team members based around the world we've got plenty of experience in how leaders can adapt to a hybrid work environment. You can read our article about the benefits of the Hybrid Office here.

If it wasn't already clear, the past two years have definitively shown just how crucial a leader's adaptive capacity truly is. The hybrid workplace is just another example of constant change. If we want to optimise the performance of our people we need to adapt to this new normal.

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